Revelation of 1
Revelation of 1
Revelation of Allah

Absoluteness of Allah as One in Authority
- Proofs of Aleef (1)
- Shahadah Proofs (165 & 110)

Miracle of 14-19
- The Sacred Codes of Allah
Miracle of 7
Seven Pairs - Miracle in the Quran
Ha Mim
- Seven Pairs of Quranic Initials
I seek refuge in ALLAH from satan the rejected.
In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

2:118 (Part) We do manifest the miracles for those who have attained certainty.

2:269 (Part) Only those who possess intelligence will take heed.

Chapter 37 is the last chapter that has the verses of my name, verses 128 and 178. These verses, 128 and 178 in chapter 37, are composed on "ALLAH's Ultimate Miracle" as the Arabic letters are precisely 19 and 14, respectively, thus delivering to mankind both Awesome Miracles through verses 74:30 and 15:87.

4:36 (Part) You shall worship ALLAH alone - do not associate anything with Him.



This reveals the Revelation of 1 ALLAH, as the starting point for many more to follow, to truly see and witness the awesome miracle associated with "Revelation of 1."

The Almighty, the Omnipotent, Lord of the Universe, has already counted and decided the number of human beings He creates and sends to earth, the number of messengers, the term the sun and moon are supposed to serve and every conceivable matter and thing in the Universe.

My name, by the grace and mercy of the Lord, is in the "Master Record," in the Heavens, as one of the messengers of ALLAH, to deliver the Quran's Miracle of the greatest magnitude - "The Miracle of 1." There can be no Miracle greater or higher than this one revealed by the Most Gracious. After all, the Universe is about the "one ALLAH," the Scriptures are about "one ALLAH," and the humans (the ones who harbor doubts) debate about the "one ALLAH" and the sincere believers believe in every thing that comes from the "ONE ALLAH."

This phenomenal Miracle should remove all doubts until the Day of Resurrection, as The Truth once revealed, stays on Earth. With so many different Miracles presented from the Quran, any reasonable, truthful, ALLAH-fearing human being can easily see, that Al-Quran is from none other than ALLAH. IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HUMANS TO CREATE AND WRITE A BOOK LIKE THE QURAN. You will see with your eyes as you proceed and progress to see the Miracles through this Web site.

The following is verse 84:19: You will move from stage to stage.


First Stage: ALLAH delivered the Quran through prophet Muhammad.

Second Stage: ALLAH delivered His Signature of 19 and confirmation of truthful verses (2 false verses rejected by ALLAH) through Messenger of the Covenant Rashad Khalifa.

Third Stage: ALLAH has revealed the Ultimate Miracles, delivered the truth through 74:30, 15:87, 89:3, and to deliver His PROOFS on the Truthful Shahadah, His own name "Allah" and that "He is ONE," and the CHANCE to BELIEVE before the RETRIBUTION of "PROPHECY OF SMOKE" through verses 44:10-13 comes to pass.

Now you will realize why I stated that no revelations can be higher or surpass these revelations revealed to me.

Allah, HE IS ONE, has no partners

  • There are only 4 letters of Allah (arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic = sum of Gematrical Value's 66 in the portion "He has no partner" (La shareeka lahu), clearly proving that Allah has no partners and He is Allah as ONE).

What you just witnessed above, now would you believe in these miracles and submit to ALLAH, Most Merciful.

21:108 - Would you then submit (to Allah)?



Click on each of the Headers - - below to see more proofs on "The Revelation of1".

16:98 - When you read the Quran, you shall seek refuge in ALLAH from Satan the rejected.

16:99 - He has no power over those who believe and trust in their Lord.

16:100 - His power is limited to those who choose him as their master, those who choose him as their god.


These are 3 verses under the Miracle of 3.

  • 16:98 has Allah letters as 15 and the messenger's letters as 16, the difference = 1 ALLAH.
  • 16:99 has Allah letters as 14 and 16:100 has Allah letters as 13, the difference = 1 ALLAH.
  • In all 3 verses, the Allah letters are 15 - 14 - 13, the difference = 1 ALLAH each time. Subhan Allah.
  • In all 3 verses, the messenger letters are 16 + 26 + 24, the sum is 66, revealing the Glorified Name of Allah, who is Absolutely ONE.
  • In all 3 verses, the Arabic letters are 40 - 41 - 40, revealing the difference = 1 each time as a great Miracle of Allah.


- Quran is from Allah and preserved in a master tablet

Quran is from Allah and preserved in a master tablet

(Last occurrence of the word QURAN in the 114 chapters)

85:21 - 85:22 - Indeed, it is a glorious Quran. In a preserved master tablet.




  • My name letters are preserved in the RECORD of ALLAH (Most Praiseworthy) as 7 and 7 in each verse, for a total of 14 name letters - as Messenger of Seven Pairs - my Sign.
- Submit to ALLAH, through Quran, by believing in ALLAH's Miracles and messengers

SHAHADAH states and proves that Allah is ONE, AL-SAMAD having Absolute - Eternal Authority. The number "ONE," in all the literal meaning, has a value of 1. This is how it is taken and accepted in all forms of mathematics.

When it comes to religion, most people confuse 3 as being ONE, or 2 as being ONE, or even 5 as being ONE. WRONG INDEED. This will prove forever that 1 is ONE, no more and no less.

The Quran creates a pattern through important verses, or important subjects, giving Even and Odd numbers, whereby the difference in this pair of numbers is 1. For example 5 and 4, the difference = 1

We see that 5 is ODD and 4 is EVEN.

Now let's take the important verse:

37:4 - Your god is only one.


Now, if verse 37:4 did not yet create your reverence for ALLAH and His miracles, let's look at verse 14 (the number represents the Seven Pairs - My sign) and chapter 37 is the last where verses of my name appear.

37:13 - When reminded, they take no heed.


37:14 - When they see proof, they ridicule it.



The reminder here is the same as what previous messengers have brought, that "you shall not worship except ALLAH," which means "La Elaha Ella Allah," and this reminder comes with an exceptional ultimate proof, the "Miracle of 1," so that people do not doubt the message given to me from Allah, Most Praiseworthy.

This is the most profound, unambiguous proof, occurrence on verse 14 (Seven Pairs verse) to support the revelation given to me through verse 37:4.

Why a pattern of 5,6?

  • It is a multiple of 7 and 14.
  • The last 66 numbered verse occurs in chapter 56.
  • The letters of Allah in the 29 chapters names that are "Quranic Initialed Chapters" are precisely 56.
  • The letters of Allah in the initials like A.L.M. (Allah letters are A and L = 2). The total for these is 28, and 56 and 28 are both multiples of 7 and 14.

Let us concatenate 56 & 28 as 56,28 and also in reverse as 28,56.

  • A Miracle Created by ALLAH: 56,28 = 14 x 402 and 28,56 = 14 x 204.

The answers or quotients that arise, after dividing by 14 are 402 and 204. ALLAH is going to show you a Miracle. He is Omnipotent. These numbers become verses, and the only verses that arise out of them are verses 40:2 and 20:4.

40:2 - This revelation of the scripture is from ALLAH, the Almighty, the Omniscient.

This verse appears right after the SIGN of H.M., which is revealed to me and explained in the section of " H.M. proofs." The sign of H.M. is accompanied by this verse, with the "Revelation of 1."




20:4 - A revelation from the Creator of the Earth and the high Heavens.


Please note how the revelation of these 2 appropriate verses originated; out of "Proofs of ALLAH" by taking His name letters in Initialed Chapters names and the initials themselves. also note, that 40:2 and 20:4, both verses are talking about "Revelation of Scripture" and "A revelation" given to me.

40:2 and 20:4 - The Miracle from ALLAH.

All Praise is due to ALLAH.

Now back to chapter 37, where we started off from. I am awed at ALLAH's awesome power. All true believers will and should feel the same way, in praise of ALLAH. But some will still mock, as they have done in the past. That is why the preceding verses before 37:13-14, which talks of reminder and proof - verse 37:12.

37:12 - While you are awed, they mock.



  • There is only ONE Allah letter in this verse, as arabicbeing Revelation of 1 and arabicis the only letter in my name out of Allah letters - arabic,arabic,arabic.
  • Adding Gematrical Value's of my name letters: arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic+arabic = sum of 1,66, proving - that 1 represents ONE and 66 as Allah, that Allah is ONE.

  • Gematrical Value of the Messenger's Letters 166 + verse 12 = 178, revealing my name.
  • Gematrical Value of all Arabic letters: 13 letters + Gematrical Value 1439 = 1452.
  • Open up chapter 14, and you will find 52 verses. The only chapter, titled Abraham, and the chapter when added with its verses (14 + 52) gives 66, Gematrical Value of Allah, Most Honorable.

Chapter 37 through verse 4 states that "your god is only one" and through verse 35 states:

37:35 When they were told, "La Elaha Ella Allah" (there is no other god beside Allah), they turned arrogant.



  • Arabic letters are 38, a multiple of 19 (Miracle of 19) and an even number.


37:26: They will be, on that day, totally submitting. arabic

37:27 They will come to each other, questioning and blaming one another.




  • Allah letters are 5 and 6, a difference of 1 - ALLAH - "Revelation of 1."




37:38 Most assuredly, you will taste the most painful retribution.



  • Arabic letters are 22 & 23, a difference of 1 - ALLAH - "Revelation of 1"


3:18 and 3:19 are the most important verses, stating the correct Shahadah, as witnessed by ALLAH and the angels and the ones who possess intelligence. It bears testimony that ALLAH is ONE, and the one religion ordained and acceptable to ALLAH is Islam (Submission). In other words, Submission is taking commands from ALLAH (from the Quran) and carrying them out. This is exactly what all prophets and messengers did.

3:18 - ALLAH bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise.


3:19 - The only religion approved by ALLAH is "Submission." Ironically, those who have received the scripture are the ones who dispute this fact, despite the knowledge they have received, due to jealousy. For such rejectors of ALLAH's revelations, ALLAH is most strict in reckoning.



3:18 Allah letters are 43.
3:19 Allah letters are 44.

  • creating a difference of 1 (ALLAH) - Revelation of 1


  • ALEEF = 1;
  • The Aleefs (and therefore the Gematrical Values - Aleefs have the Gematrical Value of 1) are 19 and 23 in each verse, representing wahidan (arabic) and wahdahu (arabic), ALLAH is ONE and ALONE.



  • The Messenger's letters in both verses are 34 and 53. The difference is 19 (Wahid's GV is 19) proving that Allah is ONE.



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